Suggestions for Les Paul Clean Sound


I just got the amp and am very close in getting my Strat sound, but, I play my Les Paul a lot more adn am having trouble getting a good clean with depth, not in your face, and slight break up when you hit it hard but clean when you hit it lightly.  So far I get either muddy or brittle and no depth.  Oddly enough, I got the exact sound from the Blackstar 100 I bought and it was a factory preset right there on the amp ! Then it  blew up 2 hours after I got it. Turns out if you upfdate firmware on that one you kill the amp.  Saw it on the forums after I did the update.  Which is why I ended up with this Marshal Code 50.   Any suggestions?   I went through all the presets here on this site and just could not find anything.  What I like is David Gilmore sounds, Santana sounds,   And what I am searching for is a good Les Paul sound with depth,  clean , but a bit of grit when you hit it hard , some air to it , and not an in your face sound.  Sound is so hard to describe! 

asked 19 Dec 2017 at 03:38 PM

Rodney Tod
I think most people adjust the preset to their own personal preference, hence the blue tooth connection. That's what I do and have my settings saved to my handheld device. Failing that, look at the PRESETS link above, lots of peeps are posted their presets, which you can either copy or download. - Chris Davies 20 Dec 2017 at 08:07 PM
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