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Hi, just bought a Code 25, I'm happy with the unit to a degree, but I have one niggling dought that I may have a faulty unit, it seems to be more noticable on certain guitars, when playing my Tokai strat, on the Bluesbreaker presets( 41,42,43), I get a horrible harch distortion ( as though its overloading the preamp, but ony around the 5 and 7th fret of the G and B strings) this also occours with headphones, if I back off the volume on the guitar it does reduce the distortion. Has anyone else noticed this? 

asked 02 Sep 2016 at 07:09 AM

Jeff Turner
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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your question. We have tried to replicate the issue you are experiencing but are unable to her the distortion you are receiving. Does the same happen if you use any other presets other than the Bluesbreakers? If at all possible, would you be able to send us a recording of this distortion to that way we can further investigate?


Team Marshall

answered 05 Sep 2016 at 01:32 PM

I had same issue with the 50,, try tweaking the presence and resonance,, it worked for me,, actually I found I had to do this for most settings - steven farr 07 Sep 2016 at 04:07 AM
I think Jeff may have discovered what was his problem see
- Alan Unwin 08 Sep 2016 at 10:48 AM
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