Code25 speaker specification for upgrade



I have an amplifier Code 25,

Tried to find any specification of the installed speaker Y1025J - 02.


The main question for me is:

1) Is the Code25 has the  full-range (20-20000Hz)frequency speaker or it a guitar speaker (70-7000Hz)? 


2) Can I replace the installed speaker with full-range frequencies (20-20 000Hz) speaker or only the option is do the replacement with specific (I meant for the guitars only)  guitar speaker? 

I see that is 25w 4ohm speaker, but nothing else to find equivalent for upgrade.



My thoughts are about any speakers, becouse the Code is modeling amplifier and probably the amplifier must produced all frequencies becouse of it. That why I am looking about extra spec information of Code processor working with all audio frequencies and send it to speaker or speaker must be specific as a guutar speaker and cut some unneeded frequencies on speaker level. 


Thank you. 



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Paul Lloyd

asked 03 Aug 2020 at 07:56 PM

Paul Lloyd
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Hi Paul!
Answers to your questions:
1) Yes, that's right
2) I believe you can
As for the comments above, I think it's better if you guys read the information at  before giving the recommendations.

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Dawn Bailey

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Dawn Bailey
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