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Hi guys,

Just bought a Code 50 for Christmas and I'm very dissapointed about it : the preset selection is changing randomly, without turning the switch.

The issue frequency increases as the ampli is supply-powered.

Then, I can't play anything, the sounds is always changing. I can't neither stay in a menu.

The issue appears even without any guitar plugged, nor anything plugged...

I tried the factory reset without succes, I upluoaded the firmware, even if it was already up to date... the issue is still here.

Have you any suggestion before to bring it back to the shop ?

asked 25 Dec 2020 at 09:40 PM

Nicolas Witkowski
ive never had a problem with my Code 50 first time i have heard of this happening sorry i cant help - Kevin Davis 26 Dec 2020 at 06:50 PM
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Hi Nicolas,

This is not something we have come across before, I would suggest contacting the store to have the amp looked at by an engineer.


Marshall Support

answered 03 Jan 2021 at 08:35 PM



Hi guys,

Thanks for your reply. What's very strange is that, after 2 days of leaving the amps aside, I tried again ( just to be sure I wasn't crazy ;-)) to play.

Nothing strange  happens and the amp worked. Even perfectly since. I just remove the back to check wires but didn't see anything strange inside, then refitted the back.

I'm now fully satisfy of this amp and discovering all the features, I just keep a survey on this point every time I play.

Thanks for support,

My Best Regards,


answered 04 Jan 2021 at 12:15 PM

Nicolas Witkowski
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