Marshall CODE 50 not connecting via IPhone SE ( IPhone 6 )


Dear Marshall,

following... Amp CODE 50 + App. M. Gateway + Iphone SE / Bluetooth 

Iphone  SE  / < Settings  Blutetooth  / "MY DEVICES" seems evrything OK,   and status "Connected" , ... but on  iGateway APP / MENU  /  CODE / return  "not Connected" . Screen is like "frozen",  exept for green button "Scan for Amps "  . After pressing.. the same become gray as well,  and   now  screen on Iphone completly frozen.  

Connection works with some minor interuptions  from  Amp. purchasing date  up to yesterday . All  happens  as described today , after  trying and testing   my new , recently purchased Marshall CODE Footcontroler . After few shoots I restore everything  ( Amp and App on Iphone ), disconnect  footcontroler  connection , restart my Iphone and Amp,  but problem persist.. Is getting slowly everything frustrating and annoying...

Can I count on prompt marshall answer and support ?

Thx .

asked 21 Jan 2017 at 08:21 PM

Mini Jama
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Hi Mini,

So you have now been able to connect the app to the amp succesfully but the app's connection keeps dropping out, is that correct?

Team Marshall

answered 06 Feb 2017 at 09:46 AM

Yes, ...correct. - Mini Jama 06 Feb 2017 at 07:15 PM


Hi Mini,

Have you updated the app to the latest version?

Can you follow the instructions below to see if it connects OK for you?

close the app
delete it from your recently viewed app's
unpair with Bluetooth
turn the amp off

turn the amp back on
click on 'Rev and Power' on the amp and a blue light should start flashing
go back into your Bluetooth settings and pair with the amp
go into the app
on the left hand side of the app there should be a red tab that says connect
click on connect

answered 23 Jan 2017 at 09:17 AM

Hi Marshall ,
Thx for your detailed instructions..

Yes , I allready updated the app to the latest...I shall follow your advice and I will post my response with information about this issue a.s.a.p.

- Mini Jama 24 Jan 2017 at 09:03 AM

I posted my response with delay on purpose . Past 4 days I tested your instructions an devices thorow. I made several on- /offs on different days and each time even in a little different conditions . I.e. Iphone "on amp" and Iphone away on "normal" blutooth distance...e.t.c.

Yes , ..I can establish a functional connection Amp/Iphone ... but behaviour of amp vs. app and vice versa is not consistent and firm.. In a common words " I cannot figure out why sometimes it works and sometimes not, I should then , occasionaly repeated evrything , and start from "scratch". Behaviour amp / phone-device is not very predictable.
Maybe your app.- experts should dig in a little more ...?

- Mini Jama 28 Jan 2017 at 10:45 AM
further on ...

active bluetooth connection last only ...up to next users change in preset and after this drop out. It can`t` be seriously or practicaly in use . On Iphone is device (Amp) still "connected" ,but Gateway shows red button "connect_x" , yet recognise Apm .. but would not connect again at all. After Amp / Iphone erstarts is connection possible if I put Amp before in "forgeting device" on my phone
This is now realy disturbing .. and I`m thinking how to get out...
I`m not satisfied with advertised and promissed functionality at all.

Maybe I could expect some explanation or response from Marshall team before ...?
- Mini Jama 04 Feb 2017 at 12:25 PM


Dear Marshall team,

... maybe (?) I posted it wrong... ,under "Comments" and not  under "Answers"..

My  last 2 "comments " = "Answers" and refers to Marshall answer  from 23 January 2017 @ 07:21 PM



answered 05 Feb 2017 at 04:48 PM

Mini Jama
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