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Hi, I have the Marshall Code 50. I found some pretty good sounds for a few rock songs. Is there a way to share my personal presets with the Marshall Code community?

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asked 30 Jan 2017 at 07:11 PM

Paul Magma
I too am looking for way to share....I came over from the Line 6 modeling amps for recording work because the Marshall sound and clarity of their Code series is so much better IMO...I can not find a single way to share presets other than knowing someone that has a Code and the App and sharing it that way....If that is as far as we can take this I feel that I may made a huge blunder...collaboration between many is whats make one thing good....and so far what you make stays with you...would be nice to share and collaborate together.... - Doble Woyo 30 Jan 2017 at 08:29 PM
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Try our new site you can share and download presets.


Team Marshall

answered 31 Jan 2017 at 09:02 AM



Ok, I managed to do it.

1- in "My Marshall" account, click on "presets"

2- click on "my gateway"

3- to share your sound settings for a particular song, say by example with the sound #07 (JVM Drive), click on the setting icon on the right of "JVM Drive"

4- click on "Publish preset", make sure your Marshall Code is on and set with #07 JVM Drive (or the one you chose), plug it with a usb cable to your computer. The red cross on the amp icon should disappear, and the sound settings you've made on your amp should appear on your computer's screen. You can check it with your tablet or smartphone with the  "Marshall Gateway" app (for android and ios, bluetooth connection to the amp) you probably already have. 

5- switch the round button to the right (from "Keep this Preset Private" to "Share Preset on MyMarshall").

6- Before saving it,  fill the name of the artist, track, YouTube Url.. etc. Then click on "Save", and that's it! 

This way, members of "My Marshall" community will find our shared presets by clicking on "Presets", then "User presets".

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Paul Magma

answered 31 Jan 2017 at 05:27 PM

Paul Magma
by the way if you're looking for correct guitar tabs, let me tell you that it's way better to register at than other free ones I found which are 3/4 wrong! I registered for 2€/month but it's worth it. Unless you have a perfect ear.. it's up to you. - Paul Magma 03 Feb 2017 at 02:46 PM
Nice steer Paul, I'm an old school, play the record until you get it sort and whilst playing using tabs is excellent especially as a start point I do tend to use the tube more these days. One thing to keep in mind though is that playing exactly like the original is great but it's a long time since I realised that being unable to play exactly the same generates other ideas as well. The 3/4 wrong stuff does remind me of the music shop books I used to buy to play my favorites and realising after purchase that they have been transcribed by piano players a lot of the time and were invariably in the wrong key. These days the guitar player has many reference sources that us old'ns couldn't imagine - Alan Unwin 09 Feb 2017 at 10:47 AM
Aw man when I think back to learning licks and riffs, needle on record, listen, play, drag needle back, relisten, replay (repeat x1000). Now you go on YouTube and some 14 year old is on there showing you how to do it (although not always correctly). - Robert Brogan 10 Feb 2017 at 10:31 PM
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