I am using a CODE 50 and i am happy.

My experience is very good, of course this is not a HIGH END amp neither the real ones that CODE emulated, but for the price its an amazing amp, and for what i need, playing at HOME at lower volumes with quality and flexibility. Its a very nice solution to have in a very easy and cheap way some historical Marshall amps tones, and again this is not the REAL AMPS of course, but the quality and the price are very very GOOD.

I am using tradicional pedals running in front of the amp, due the absence of effects loops i am even running delay in front. The only effect that i am using from the CODE is the reverb.

Now comes one of the best thinks for me, i am using Marshall Footswitch, and i create 6 banks of presets for my taste :-) please see the photo. With this i can have imediatly  diferent amps with the presets that i made, i event put some hang tags identifiyng the names of the presets. 

To record i use 2 SM57, and my main guitar is fender 60 anniversary commemorative stratocaster.

I have sereval other amps, all valves, but again to play in home, record, jam, and so on, this setup is one of the best that i done.

Keep rock in a free world !!




asked 21 Jul 2017 at 12:55 PM

miguel souto (1)
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Thanks for sharing. It's a nice idea really (to see what others are doing with their Marshall's).

Here's my setup.  Guitar signal split with stereo delay pedal into two CODE 50's which are micd. up with two SM57's and sent to my Alto Pro TS215's x 2 and TS215S sub. Personally I like the pure Marshall sound so I don't use any other effects.



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Dale Paterson (105)

answered 24 Jul 2017 at 05:08 PM

Dale Paterson (105)
Nice Setup - miguel souto 26 Jul 2017 at 08:46 PM


Hi Miguel! Thank you so much for sharing your setup. Also, I’ve noticed from the pictures that you have a nice guitar as well. I, myself, do not know how to play the guitar but I’m very into music, especially rock music, so I know a thing or two about electric guitars. If I were you, with such a setup I would hold some little events, at first maybe just for close friends. Speaking of events, whenever I need help I go to ontourevents.co.uk. Not to brag, but with their help I’ve held some pretty amazing events, at least that’s what I’ve been told. Nevermind, if you’re planning to organize an event, you should check them out.

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Lucas Martin

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Lucas Martin
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