Number of FX CODE100 vs. all other CODE amps.


While waiting patiently to see if / when the CODE100 amps. are going to be available I happened to look at the supposed specs. for the CODE100 on your (Marshall) website found here:

I couldn't help but notice that the CODE100 will allow 5 x simultaneous FX to be used.  As we are all aware: this is not the case with the CODE50 and CODE25 i.e. only 1 x FX may be used.  Aside from the obvious physical difference and output between the CODE100 and the CODE50 and CODE25: everything else appears to be the same other than the number of simultaneous FX that may be used.  So my question is: is it not just a simple firmware update / upgrade that will allow for 5 x simultaneous FX to be used with the CODE50 and CODE25???  If so: could we have it please (or could we at least have some input or further information on this)???  In hindsight and as wonderful as I think these amps. are: it's starting to not make sense to me that I still have to purchase stompboxes if I want to use, for example, a compressor, additional distortion, and, say, an octave (pitch shifter) when all of these FX are actually included on the CODE50 and CODE25 but only 1 x FX can be used at any given time.



asked 11 Sep 2017 at 06:54 AM

Dale Paterson (104)
Any chance of a response to the above Team Marshall???

- Dale Paterson 15 Sep 2017 at 03:06 PM
Hi Dale

The 50 and 100 are operationally identical including the number of FX.

All CODE's can have one PRE FX, one MOD FX one DELAY FX and REVERB FX simultaneously plus the noise gate in the PRE AMP section. Which gives 5 effects or FX simultaneously.

Hope that helps.


Team Marshall
- Marshall 18 Sep 2017 at 09:10 AM
Hello again.

Thanks for the response. I misunderstood the info. on the CODE100 then. Apologies. I misinterpreted it (obviously) as being 5 PRE FX simultaneously thus differing from the CODE50 and the CODE25. Oh well: guess I'll be ordering that Octave pedal then!!! LOL!!!

Thanks again;


- Dale Paterson 18 Sep 2017 at 10:06 AM
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