CODE: Bluetooth "off"?


Hi, all together!

Pressing REV and POWER starts Bluetooth-Pairing - so far no problem. Also, the amp will also connect automatically when my phone is "near" without any problems.

Now my question:  Is there any way to really "turn off" Bluetooth so the amp does not "search" für devices anymore?

Thx in advance!

asked 24 Sep 2021 at 04:11 PM

Mark Lüttger (31)
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Hi Mark,

These is no way of de activating the Codes BT, it will only search for connected devices, if you unpair the device connected and do press activate the BT then it will not seach for the anymore devices.


Marshall Support

answered 27 Sep 2021 at 07:59 AM

OK, hoped it would be possible and I only didn't find the option, but that's OK for me, too. THX! - Mark Lüttger 27 Sep 2021 at 09:08 AM
Hi folks.. I had same question , so I’m adding here..
Also, once my code 100 connects to my phone, will it continue looking to connect to other things..??
I feel like it could connect to a random phone and start playing music for example..
- Steve Beck 28 Nov 2021 at 05:08 PM
No, the Code only connects with a phone when they have been paired before. A random phone cannot connect with the amp without having paired before. - Mark Lüttger 28 Nov 2021 at 05:21 PM
Yeah, that makes sense. I didn’t really think that one thru.
Thanks, Man. Cheers ..!!
- Steve Beck 28 Nov 2021 at 06:21 PM
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