Issue with input line Code25


Hi guys,

i have a marshall code 25 and i have a problem when i link my phone via bluetooth and via jack to have a backing track while i'm playing guitar.

via bluetooth the sound is like in a shell, is not clear and brilliant, but like closed, sorry i can't explain well. Like the treble very low, and the middle and bass high

via jack in the ipod input i need to raise the master volume to the top to hear something but is very low.

A friend has a marshall 15watt without bluetooth but with the ipod input. When i link the phone there, the sound is not affected by the master volume but only by the phone. And the sound is good like directly from the phone. The pots on the amp changes only the sound from guitar like normal use.

What can i do? Could you help me?


asked 21 Mar 2022 at 11:53 AM

andrea gregorio
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