Marshall 100 HDFX with... ?? HELP please :)


Hello, everyone,

I would like to ask you a question since I am not a very experienced guitarist...

I have a marshall 100 hdfx head and would like to purchase a 4x12. I have seen these two models: 

1. Marshall CODE 412 Cabinet

2. EVH 5150 Iconic Series 4x12 Cabinet Black

  ...but I do not understand the impedance issue very well and I would like to know which one is better for my head (although the ad recommends the cheapest one for 100 heads). 
Thanks you very much in advance :) 

asked 27 Jun 2022 at 09:31 AM

Cristian Robledo
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The manuals says

The MG100HDFX Head has two speaker
sockets for connection to either 1 or 2 external
cabinets. Ensure the total load impedance is
equal to, or exceeds, 4 ohms.
If you are only going to use 1 connector to connect a 4x12 cabinet just make sure the cabinet has an impedence of at least 4 Ohm. 
The code cab is 8 ohm. 
the 5150 cab is 16 ohms
As the amp has 2 outputs in parallel, if you plug in 2x8 ohm cabs you would get a total impedance of 4 ohms. I f you plug in 2x16 ohm cabinets you will get a total impedance of 8 ohms. Having said all that, your amp is solid state so will pretty much work with anything (as long as more than or equal to 4 ohms) in total.
FYI, I dont hear too many people saying good things about the Code speakers.

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Joliet Jake (85)

answered 27 Jun 2022 at 04:29 PM

Joliet Jake (85)
Thanks you very much :D

Finally : 5150 !
- Cristian Robledo 28 Jun 2022 at 07:16 PM
Bear in mind there are lots of other 4 x 12 cabs out there, and there is nothing to say you need to use a Marshall cab, So you could probably get a cheaper cab. - Joliet Jake 28 Jun 2022 at 09:06 PM


Hi Christian,

you will have likely decided by now but if you have, I have also heard poor reports about the speakers in the CODE cabinets but saying that I use a MX212A cabinet with my DSL and this has also received many bad reports. I really like the tones I get from it, so each to their own I suppose.

I have heard wonderful things about the range of Harley Benton cabs. They are very keenly priced and can be used in Mono (280 Watt) at 4ohms and 16ohms or in Stereo (2 x 140 Watt) at 8 ohms. I've not used their cabs myself but do own many of their guitars and some other gear that I've found to be well built and excellent value for money. I've been exceptionally happy with every piece of kit I own. These (along with the Marshall and EVH cabs you are interested in) are sold by Thomman with a 30 money back guarantee. I you don't find any kit suits your taste just send it back and there truly is no questions asked.

If you are yet to make a purchase, I hope this info is useful.

Good luck,


answered 27 Sep 2022 at 03:40 AM

Simon Coulston (12)
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