Very low output power: Marshall Code 100 H amplifier and a Marshall Cabinet model Cabinet Marshall Marshall MX412BR


Asked by xavi Fernández Gaya - 08 Mar 2024 at 09:08 AM.....


1. Does this problem occur for all presets? Yes

2. "My potentiometers are almost at "10" - what ptentiometers do you mean? I mean the The volume control buttons for the master volume and volume

3. Do you use any of PRE FX effects like compressor or distortion? If so - what are volume settings of these effects?Yes, I do use pre-fx like compressor or distortions, but they come in programmed presets. How does the volume of these pre-fx settings influence it?

4. What happens when you connect you guitar with your cable to your bandmate's amp?It sounds much louder and more powerful than mine. Is the amplifier a Fender 40W tube amp

When you connect 16 ohms cabinet to 8 ohms 100W amplifier total power is reduced to 50W, but still it should be more than enough. I've got CODE 25 and it's loud as hell.

Is your Code 25 amplifier a combo or is it attached to a cabinet?"


The Celestions in my cabinet are the G12-412ACF 12". There are 4 of them. Do you know how many decibels and power each Celestion cone provides? Another question would be, could it be that the Code 100H amp needs a higher power cabinet (for example, 200w)? Do you know if the Code 100H series requires special cabinets to deliver all the power and force of its 100 watts?

I know these amplifiers are very powerful and good, and Marshall never disappoints me, but now I'm worried because I see that in my rehearsals I can hardly hear anything from my amplifier. I think there's something not right in this whole issue. I would like, since I trust you, some solution or something with preamp, pre-fx, or volumes that I'm not handling correctly in the presets

Where could I buy cabinet CODE412?... I need some information about it. Price, technical data,.... Maybe that's the problem because my amp sounds too lower with a classic cabinet as :

Cabinet Marshall Marshall MX412BR.

asked 15 Mar 2024 at 06:59 AM

xavi Fernández Gaya
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Ad. 2. The VOLUME knob position doesn't matter when you switch presets. Important is what is the volume level SET IN PRESET.

Ad. 3. Exactly the same as above. If the volume in any effect is set too low it influences the whole signal chain.

My CODE 25 is a combo, it was never made as head. I tried some other speakers (Celestion and Laney) - there is a slight difference in sound charcter, bu it's no difference in volume level.

Actualy I've got no idea what is the reason your equipment is is not as loud as you expected, the only thing you can check is different cabinet and different speaker cable.

answered 16 Mar 2024 at 09:36 AM

Jacek Klimkiewicz (234)
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