Marshall DSL40CR - 3rd repair in less than 6 months


I purchased a brand new DSL40CR in late January.  10 days past the 45 day return policy for Guitar Center, the amp completely stopped working.  Took it to my local, authorized warranty repair location and a resistor was replaced.  Amp worked fine for a few days, but the LED's (red/green) would only show red when switching channels and master volumes.  Took it back again, this time the entire circuit board was replaced.  Amp worked for 2 days, then NO LEDs, no audio again.  Looks like the board will need to be replaced again.  Is this a common occurance with this model?  Is there no "lemon law" type policies where the defective product is finally replaced?  This is my very first Marshall amp, and so far the experience has been HORRIBLE.  I have been without an amp longer than it's been home and and usable.  Anyone else having the same issue?  So far I am NOT loving the legendary Marshall amp.

asked 06 Jun 2024 at 07:19 PM

Ricky Carroll
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Hi Ricky,

Thank you for reaching out, we are really sorry to hear this, if you would please contact us on , we will pass this on to the team to get this sorted for you.


Marshall Support

answered 12 Jun 2024 at 08:31 AM

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