There is a problem with the Bluetooth connection since the firmware update.


Hi, I am using CODE25.

I updated the firmware to V1.41 yesterday, but since the update, Bluetooth is no longer automatically connected.

There is no problem right after pairing Bluetooth according to the way suggested in troubleshooting.
However, after rebooting CODE25 not recognize the device again on the iPhone's Bluetooth settings.
So to use the Gateway app, I have to pair it with REV and Power each time
These problems have been seen since the firmware update and before that there was no problem at all.
I hope to know if there is a way to fix the Bluetooth connection problem or roll back to older firmware.

asked 03 Apr 2018 at 08:23 AM

Jaehwan Shin (24)
I wish they would fix this. iam new to marshall amps honestly and the Bluetooth bug just drives me nuts thinking about another brand modeling amp I dunno. but its clearly disappointing. - nick zorzy 24 May 2018 at 04:52 PM
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Hi Jaehwan,

Thank you for your message, there seems to be a few having issues since the update, our team are working on a firmware update which will include an update to the Bluetooth

Marshall Support

answered 04 Apr 2018 at 07:54 AM




I have the same problem in my CODE25 after firmware update, so also waiting for an update :)


answered 06 Apr 2018 at 06:20 AM

Sebastian Halikowski (1)


same here, and I send mine to official service centre and they made a fresh one replacing the motherboard.

What the...

answered 07 Apr 2018 at 06:29 AM

Sy Jo (3)
Did replacing the motherboard help?
I have the same problem - bluetooth has to be started manually every time.
- ilya macle0d 27 May 2018 at 11:08 AM
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