how many days does it usually take for a preset to fully upload to library cloud from My Gateway?


Hi I have a Marshall Code 100 and I often download patches of my fav artists from Firstly, let's get down to basics. Are "patches" the same as "presets"? It's really confusing as calls them patches but on this my.marshall site they are called "presets" but as far as I can see they are the same thing.

As there is only room for 100 presets on my amp, whenever I download a new patch from to my amp, I always make sure to copy the original preset that came with the amp that I am replacing, to my library as a backup, in case I want to reload them back onto the amp. When I click on the settings icon next to a preset in my gateway, it comes up with the option to "copy to library". It seems to take about 3 or 4 days for a preset to transfer to my library. Is "My Library" cloud based storage? 3 or 4 days seems like a long time for a preset, which are small files as far as I am aware, to copy to my library. I get concerned sometimes that it isn't copying over when I check the next day or even 2 days after copying it and I do not see it in my library, because immediately after I click copy to library, I can see it in my library, but it is black in background colour, rather than the olive green of all the other presets in my library. And  then to check the next day and not see it anywhere in my library, regardless of colour, seems strange, like it has disappeared (but maybe it is just in transit?). They all eventually seem to arrive there, just seems strange that I cannot see it in my library in black background to indicate it is still uploading to my library cloud. So I am wondering if it usually takes a number of days to actually appear in my library and why it disappears from My Library during those few days of uploading?


CODE Gateway Presets

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I have a big catalog with about 50k images that go back to 2015, it contains only my landscape photos and I usually remove the folders from my timelapses.

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