Marshall Code 25 and Galaxy Note 8, won't connect in app.


Yes, I've read the many questions of the same nature on the forum, and performed all the suggested actions. None of them have been successful.  I've seen many questions similar to mine, and only a few who have been able to make it work... and of those who did, their solutions didn't work for me.

When I connect my amp to my phone's bluetooth, it will pair for audio with no problems.  I can play audio through the amp.  When I open Gateway, there is no "red button" prompting me to connect.  When I tap on the CODE tab in the menu, it says "Not connected" and when I tap on the green "Scan for apps" button, nothing happens.

It will connect to my Samsung tablet with no issues.

Here are the steps I have tried:
Factory reset on the amp.
Unpair  and forget the amp in my phone's bluetooth settings.

Uninstall the app from my phone after clearing the cache and the data.

Update the firmware on the amp (the browser window said I was up to date but I installed the latest firmware anyway.)

What else can I do?  I don't want to return the amp because it sounds great, but not having the amp controls on my phone is a deal breaker.



asked 26 Sep 2020 at 06:59 AM

Jeremy Stroop
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