Marshall Code 25 Amplifier makes a ticking noise when Guitar plugged in


I just bought the Marshall Code 25 Amplifier. Whenever I plug my guitar (Epiphone Les Paul Custom Replica), sometimes even just the cable into it, it makes a buzzing/ticking/crackle noise - sometimes both at the same time. When I play sound over Bluetooth or nothing is plugged into the "Input", it does not make the noise.

The guitar, plugged into a different amp (Cambridge Audio with Bose Sound System) with a different type of cable (RCA with a 6.3mm adapter at one end), also does not make the noise.

So either the amplifying circuit/chip in the code 25 is fried, or the cable (normal 6.3 on both ends) is.

Worth to note: the Guitar, Amp and the normal 6.3 cable are all brand new.


Do you know what can cause this and how to fix it, if the Amplifier is fried I can just return it within 2 years.

asked 14 Nov 2023 at 05:30 PM

Marton P.
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Personally sounds to me like RFI, (Radio Frequency Interferance).  All sorts of things can generate RFI ticking sounds.

If Bluetooth is clean then it sounds to me that the problem is what is going into the guitar input, either with the grounding on the guitar or guitar cable. Also bear in mind that if you are not touching the strings there is a chance of more noise than when you are playing.


I would first of all try the amp in a different room, and if possible a different house.

Then try a differet cable, or if possible a different instrument. Basically try and narrow down what is causing the issue and tackle that item. Bear in mind an item being new goes for nothing, anything could be faulty or lower than expected quality.


answered 15 Nov 2023 at 04:53 PM

Joliet Jake (114)
Agree with above. I am thinking you have a ground issue or a bad cable. If switching the cable doesn't rectify it, try taking apart the input on your guitar and checking for loose wires. I had a failed solder point on my Ibanez, and needed to re-solder the connection to stop the intermittent buzz I would get. - Richard Stackon 26 Nov 2023 at 04:44 PM
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