Blootooth Issue with CODE25


Hello Marshall Team,

I traid pairing with iPhon7 ios 11.2, this works well, can use gateway app with success.

If I switch off BT on my Iphone and later switch on BT, BT connection establishes again and gateway app works.

If I switch off power code25 and later switch power on again, BT connection doesn't come back, no blue led on code25.

According FAQ BT should come back on code25 with same pairing code to re-estrablish the previously paired BT connection.

As workaround I have to delete the BT Device from my iPhone and start BT on code25 (keys REV/POWER on code25) with new pairing.

Is this a known issue ?

please let me know. I have already updated to last FW 1.11/1.41

Thanks and best regards,




asked 14 Dec 2017 at 07:00 PM

Peter B (2)
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