software issues/pots don't work manually


i bought a Code 50 amp pre-owned early 2024 from a local Guitar Center outside Chicago IL. it had been working perfectly up to and until i was editing some of the stock sounds to use with the footswitch and found that the pots on the amp, (OUTSIDE of the master volume) stopped  performin to any manual manipulation. i did a reset (losing all the presets i'd set up...but i digress) that was unsuccessful. i sent it to a local music store which claimed to be able to fix it, but could not. i downloaded gateway as a workaround and while it manipulated the patches via bluetooth, after several minutes in a particular preset, the different parameters would just wildy scroll indiscriminately between the different functions and suddenly there was no sound from the amp. i COULD/CAN switch patches and the next patch sound would come up as normal, but the same order of problems ultimately occured again.

the music store suggested there's likely a problem with a  software 'chip' that's causing it to do that; but i'm reaching for a solution. i like the amp a lot and it's my first 'professional' guitar amplifier, so it would be greatly appreciated if there was some answer/solution to this issue.

keith stewart musicaleltd

773 520 2042/ VASK100@AOL.COM

asked 06 May 2024 at 05:47 PM

Keith Stewart
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