how to reset a single preset to what it was when I bought the amp


Hi I have had this Marshall Code 100 for a few weeks now, mucking around with it to try and figure it out and finding it to be a little user unfriendly. What I want to do is to change a single preset to what it was originally (eg factory setting) without doing a factory reset and losing all my other changed presets. I cannot find any joy anywhere about this. Also, when I look at the list of 100 presets online (there are a few lists going around in chat forums and also in the gateway section of this website) I can only ever find the 100 presets that are on the phone gateway app and not the list that was originally on the amp (for example on my amp when I factory reset it, 00 is JTM Chill, 01 is "So American" etc, whereas my gateway library has 00 as EL34 Heaven and 01 as Plexi Classic). So I cannot find the actual standard amp preset list anywhere online or within the Gateway app.

My questions boil down to three:

1. How do I restore an individual preset to what it originally was (without performing a factory reset)? 

2. How do I even know what the original preset was called?

3. Say I connect my smartphone to the amp via gateway and bluetooth. If you click on the arrow on the right hand side of one of the presets in the library, it takes you to another screen. In that screen it has an amp section and a library section, with 2 small boxes you can tick next to each. What is the purpose of this screen and ticking the boxes? Like what can you actually change on this screen is it just the name of the preset or can you replace a preset that is on the amp with one that is in the gateway library?

Needless to say I am very confused and was hoping to be way ahead by this stage. Please help!


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julien casella (1)

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julien casella (1)
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There is a way.

The above being said here's some friendly advice:

Download and install Marshall CODE Tools from and use it to save each and every single preset to your PC individually (of course I'm hoping you're hooking up to a PC).  It's WAY easier to use than the Marshall Gateway app. (no offense TEAM MARSHALL) for this type of thing.  Put another way: it's REAL easy to hit a button and synch. the wrong way between the amp. and "My Gateway" (I speak from experience!!!  LOL!!!).

Please do note that Marshall CODE Tools is NOT from Marshall Amplicfication PLC and is not supported by them.

As for the presets and confusion:

The amps. with firmware revision prior to 1.41 have different factory presets (the first thirteen if memory serves me correctly) than those with the latest firmware update.  In other words: the list of presets in the manual (think it's in the manual or on some or the other cheat sheet that I've seen) differs from the presets on amps. with the latest firmware.  Once you update to the latest firmware then all of the original Factory Presets are overwritten with the new ones.  I don't know of a way to get the old presets back using the Gateway app. BUT you can download the ones that you want from here (requires the editor above): (the original presets are there).  Have fun (you have to do them one-by-one I'm afraid).



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Dale Paterson (105)
Thanks for the prompt reply Dale I will try these things an see how I go - julien casella 26 May 2018 at 08:43 AM
Hi Dale, I have done a few things and still need assistance. I updated the firmware to 1.41 (I think it was 1.3 or something before). However all the presets on the amp stayed the same, and that's because (as I just found out) the first 13 presets on my amp (00 to 12) were already the 13 new ones.
Now to - with my PC connected to my amp via a cable and my smartphone also connected, I was in the gateway section of the presets section of the's website on my pc and I noticed that out of the 100 presets the first 13 had changed from the old ones (eg what was originally showing in the gateway app phone library and begins with EL34 Heaven) to the new ones and also the same change happened on my phone. I then copied all of these first 13 presets to my library on my pc (in the presets section of the mymarshall website) to make sure I had a copy of them. I then uninstalled and then reinstalled gateway on my phone and then the first 13 original presets reappeared. I then copied/synced them to my amp. Which is ok because now I have copies of them all. But why is my gateway presets page on still showing the new 13 presets? How do you change these to the old ones (if say I wanted to)? Did the change happen (eg old to new ones in gateway on both phone and pc) when I updated the firmware?
And finally, I tried what you said and tried to download and install code tools from, however there is no actual software or file to download on that page, unless you mean PC editor which I went ahead and downloaded it. Is that what you meant I should download from that website?
- julien casella 26 May 2018 at 12:09 PM

Wow. Seems like you've done some work there!!! LOL!!!

I'll explain a little further (I fear my first post was a bit jumbled).

If the amp. has firmware rev. 1.41 then a factory reset will overwrite all and the first thirteen presets will be the new ones. Not sure how come your amp. had the new presets already (could be that it's newer than mine amps. maybe???).

I did forget to mention that if you download and reinstall the Marshall Gateway app. then all of the ORIGINAL presets (EL34 Heaven) are available. I guess you could do this to get back the preset that you lost but use with care as I said. I prefer the PC editor for this purpose i.e. pretty difficult to make a mistake and overwrite a preset in error (for me anyway).

As far as your presets are concerned: I suppose the long winded way of doing this (unless somebody else has a shorter route) would be to clear your "My Library" and clear your "My Gateway". Then: using a new download of the gateway app. synch. your amp to the gateway app. Then login and synch. to your "My Gateway". That way all three will have the same settings. From there you can copy the 1.41 presets from "Featured" to your "My Library" and then add them to your "My Gateway" (bearing in mind they will obviously overwrite whatever preset numbers you use). Then synch. your gateway app. and amp. to your "My Gateway". Personally: I'd rather have a nice offline copy of each of the presets that I can load and save at will to a specific preset number on the amp. And yes: you downloaded the correct thing i.e. the PC editor. Once you have the editor then you can download those same original presets from that site on the second link in my first post.

Dunno if this helps. Hope so. The Marshall Gateway app. has its uses obviously and I can see the logic behind it and it does work. I just find the PC editor a lot easier to use even when modifying settings i.e. for me anyway it's easier to use a mouse and turn those dials (while the amp. is connected this all happens live) than it is to use these slider thingys on a smartphone or tablet (iPad).

Just one thing about the PC editor: read the manual and be SURE to remember that with the PC editor you have to first LOAD from the amp., make your changes, and then SAVE back to the amp. And bear in mind (they're very specific about this): simply changing the preset number does NOT automatically cause the amp. to change its current preset number (and they have a very good reason for doing it this way).

If you need more info. then just shout.


- Dale Paterson 26 May 2018 at 03:37 PM
Hi Dale, if you see this message please respond. I am trying to connect my marshall code 100 with Code Editor and even after reinstalling Code Editor it comes up with an error message "Error While Decoding System : Error_Bad_Device_ID" whenever I try and import a patch from my amp from selected patch number. This is after not having used Code Editor for ages like 5 months or so. Please help, Dale or anyone else. - julien casella 12 Feb 2020 at 02:33 PM
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