Code 50 as a effect brick for a DSL100H?


Hello. I have a Code 50, and I found a DSL100H and a 1960 cab on craigslist yestarday for a good price so I snached them up!

So what Im planning to do is get an 1/8 to 1/4 adaptor and using the headphone out jack from the Code 50 as a effects brick for the DSL100 as the 50 has no out jacks other than the headphone one. Itll be a few days before the adaptor arrives so I thought Id ask how well this will work so Im not so disappointed, lol.

Ive done this before hundreds of times with non tube amps, but I dont want to blow up my new babys tubes.

Ive only had the code for about a month or so. If this doesnt work, Im planning on trading the Code in for a rack effects brick. Or mayber getting a mixer and routing the USB output that way..





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m j

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m j
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Hello Mj,

This setup should work although it’s not really the conventional way of doing things. This setup could be noisy as you’re still technically connecting the preamp from the DSL to the preamp in the Code (even with the preamp emulation off). For the best result you’ll need to bypass the amp, power amp and cabinet models and use effects only. 

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Actually, I was planning on going the other way.
Guitar into Code 50
Headphone out of the Code 50 to 1/4 adapter guitar input -or- headphone out to media connector into DSL100
DSL100 will be the amp, Code 50 effects only through the DSL100.

The DSL100H/1960 4x12 is the far better amp/cab. However, I dont have any effects for it. So its either try and figure out how to run the effects of the Code 50, or go out and buy more effect pedals or a rack effects brick. If I have to make the extra purchase, I might as well trade in the Code 50.
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Now what are the chances of two people wanting to do the same (or very similar) within a day or two of each other???  LOL!!!

Hey mj.

Take a look at this thread of mine here:

And for a slightly more detailed version:

Hope this helps.  And should put your mind at ease.



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Dale Paterson (104)
Thanks Dale. Looks like we are indeed trying to do something similar. Just wish the Code 50 had a simple line out Grrrrr!!!!! - m j 25 Sep 2018 at 12:09 PM
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