Can I program a Marshall DSL40CR and PEDL-91016?



I have a Marshall DSL40CR and a PEDL-91016 footswitch.

(By the way, there is no manual online for the PEDL-91016 footswitch.)


Is it possible to program the footswitch for particular combinations of channel + master volume.  What I would like is...

Button 1 = Classic Gain Green + Master Volume 2

Button 2 = Classic Gain Red + Master Volume 1

Button 3 = Ultra Gain Green + Master Volume 1

Button 4 = Ultra Gain Red + Master Volume 1

Button 5 = Master Volume (toggles MV 1 and MV2 change to default functionality).


The context is that I want my Master Volume 1 to be "Rhythm Loudness" and Master Volume 2 to be "Lead/Solo Loudness."  However the loudness for the Classic/Green channel is too low so I want to default it to "Lead/Solo Loudness" (aka Master Volume 2) for unity loudness to the other rhythm channels.





asked 13 Mar 2020 at 11:52 PM

James Seay
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