some presets crackle alot


i experiance a lot of crackle at some presets  whitch is extremly anoiying !

it seems to disapear when poweramps turned off

i read alot of CODE users experiance the same and if its a software bug can we expect a software update soon?

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asked 16 Jul 2020 at 12:55 PM

Ronnie Schepers (1)
Did you try Gate noise both in your amp and Library ? Check High gain, distortion level and Volume too .... Try to play far from your amp or toward the opposite direction, guitar must not face the amp (Tips), check your cables connections, put your amp on a stale..... - Mhammed Ismaili 17 Jul 2020 at 05:42 AM
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Gate Noise above 7 makes it beter but dusnt make it go away completly  .even at low volume its there 

like sayd.. turn of poweramp is the only thing wat makes it go away i not directly infront of the amp any anyway it makes no diference to the crackling and buzzing  if i do i tryed.

differend cable,, guitar,, stil the same    im using a 100 h whit cab not going to put that on a stale.   i going to return the amp is e best option there its brand new and not wanna tweak for hours and hours to make it sound right.     seems im not the only1 whit this problem or experiance this.


update ,,, tweaking 

i noticed,,,   forget about the 100 presets ,,(they suck for 95%) and starting from scratsh and a clean channel makes a lot of diference.

the amp can sound nice,, but its a lot of tweaking,,, shame Marshall didnt give the presets much atention it seems..  atleast thats my idea i ghess ,,cant emagine some1 from marshall amp devision sayd.. thats a plexi or a jubilee or what else..  but after tweaking from zero its comes somehowe to life,,,  stil a litle crackle here and there but tweakable so to say,,, to much low end en gain on much of the stuff they programmed,, but again  tweakable






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Ronnie Schepers (1)
I'm sorry for this unfortunate experience. Have you try to change IRs in the cab or add an external IRs.
As I experienced the same situation , but I had to try all suggestions above and it was fixed. Also, as long as the cable is you may face that issue.
- Mhammed Ismaili 17 Jul 2020 at 08:51 PM
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