Gateway app connection to CODE 25



I am happy owner of CODE 25 for almost half of the year. 

I love to play with it but I have frustrating problem with connecting Gateway app to it.  Bluetooth connection works fine immediately after switching on the amp my iphone is connected, no problem, but then Gateway application connection to CODE drops after while.  Then I need to go through connecting  all over again, this I switch of Bluetooth on my phone and after swithing it on again and relaunching Gateway I'm connected to CODE. Unfortunately after few minutes the connection breaks again. And at all time my Iphone is connected properly via Bluetooth to the amp! So I'm reconnecting again and again and again...Quite annoying.

Any kind of advice for remediation of such issue is mych appreciated.






asked 19 Jul 2017 at 10:50 AM

Krzysztof Petyniak (1)
Hi Krzysztof,

Have you tried updating the Firmware, to see if this help, also which device are you using.

Kind Regards

Team Marshall
- Lee Tomlin 20 Jul 2017 at 11:05 AM
Yes, I updated the Firmware couple of days ago and problem remains. I'm using IPhone 6s. - Krzysztof Petyniak 20 Jul 2017 at 04:27 PM
Goto settings-backup and reset-network settings-reset settings

- carlos ribas dos santos 23 Jul 2017 at 12:26 AM
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Unfortunately I cannot give you any advice to solve this problem. I do not have any Code yet. 

Played one at a shop and many distortion presets had a horribly high volume in contrast to more clean ones. 

I just want to make a comment that after becoming sure this combo would be a perfect choice having 100 presets adjustable by Gateway ( which I've already installed then being redirected to this forum) I have become quite sceptic. 

The connection issues are reported by quite noticeable number of users.

Yes, you still have a manual mode to manage the presets...

Maybe some more simple combo would fit me better ?  And let my Boss multifx take care of fx stuff? As I didn't like the Fender Mustang preset solution although l loved the sound ;)

I' m going to try Vox Vx 2 tomorrow. 


Regards and I hope you find solution anyway!

answered 25 Jul 2017 at 09:39 PM

Dariusz Zarczynski
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