1yr+ Marshall CODE Software Frustration


I have owned my Marshall CODE 50 for over 1 year.  My frustrating experience with the speed of bug fixes and feature functionality updates to the CODE Firmware and Gateway software updates is beyond compare of any combination of hardware and software product I have ever used as a consumer. I have been in the hardware and software business for over 30 years and my Marshall CODE has been an exemplar of how to offer a horrible software and hardware consumer experience. When I first bought the product I loved my Marshall CODE 50, then I grew to lament it with the slow firmware and software bug fix releases, functionality updates and poor support for the Mac. I do not blame the engineering organizations responsible for the firmware and software. I blame the management, this just breathes product management and executive management failure. Hey, here’s an idea! Try, giving away less equipment to “musicians” and also charge a bit more for the product and try and channel some of that money for *more* quality software engineering staff and management. Fender does a much better job. I have several Fender Mustangs. It appears Fender might have had a slight mis-step with the latest Fender GT Mustang, but they are rapidly pushing out bug fixes and feature functionality updates like crazy. Also Fender’s social and forum interaction with consumers about firmware and software updates and the release notes are much more transparent and forthcoming. Marshall can do better. Until then,  I will be doing my best to steer people clear of this product in person, in forums and social media until this has been rectified.

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Robert Birch (15)

asked 07 Oct 2017 at 06:02 PM

Robert Birch (15)
Beware. They deleted my similar comments. I just bought a Fender Mustang GT and I love it. Time to sell it, get out while you can. This has been beyond frustrating for me as well. - Mike Bull 07 Oct 2017 at 06:35 PM
Can't agree more with all your comment, what a very disapointment experience I've had with my code. Come on Marshall please look after you everyday consumers they are you bread and butter.

I also find it interesting your comment about a post being removed. I have had the same thing, looks like Marshall don't like bad comments but not enough to put right what customer issues are.
- Martin Blyth 08 Oct 2017 at 11:14 AM
I wrote a similar comment on an earlier post, also with a reference to Fender... my comment got deleted, too. - Torben Keller 09 Oct 2017 at 07:31 AM
Yeh. Listen up. I've had the same experience with a particular post being "hidden" (but, in fairness, for some or the other reason, it was re-instated "as if by magic" after my complaining). I agree that support is not what is could / should be (matter of fact: the word "arrogant" comes to mind). I have, on occasion, found myself thinking that IF I was a "celeb.", "endorsee", or some type of "public figure" then support would be WAY better than it is. HOWEVER (and for better or for worse): you cannot beat that Marshall sound and, frankly, you cannot beat these CODE amps. I have sometimes also thought that maybe Marshall did not consider the fact that amps. such as the CODE amps. would require ONGOING updates, support, and input (unlike before with the valve stuff where, once it was designed, manufactured, and distributed well that was "the end" really unless a fault occurred). Remember something: "in this day and age" Marshall (as with all other manufacturers) need to not only keep abreast of their OWN software etc. but also have to contend with operating system updates etc. released by Microsoft, Apple, Android, etc. etc. etc. Anyway and as long as these things don't "pack up" in the foreseeable future (I've had my amps. x 4 for around six months or so) I'm a "happy camper" really. But: I DO "get" what's been posted here. I hope Team Marshall does to!!!


- Dale Paterson 11 Oct 2017 at 07:04 PM
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