Marshall CODE 100H Bluetooth fault


The Gateway app on my Android phone has been repeatedly losing connetion to my CODE head in recent months, and attempts to manually reconnect have usually failed. This unreliability is completely unworkable for gigging, so today I have tried to solve the problem through a thorough update and reset ... but now I can't get the connection to work at all. I deleted the Gateway app from my phone, unpaired the phone from the head (by "forgetting" the Bluetooth pairing), and have installed all pending firmware updates. When doing those installations, I noticed that several related to improving Bluetooth operation, so I was hopeful this would solve my problems. So I've gone ahead and carried out the "First connection" instructions on the website, but these instructions have failed at a very early stage. After I press Rev and Power and get the blue flashing light, when I attempt to "Pair new device" from my phone, I get the message "No nearby Bluetooth devices were found". This connectivity problem is definitely at the Marshall end, because I have checked that my phone is able to connect with other Bluetooth devices and it is doing so fine, so the fault is not with the Bluetooth operation of my phone. It seems like there have been some known Bluetooth connectivity problems that you've tried to fix during recent firmware updates, so is this something you can advise me about and give me a fix for? I hope so - there's not much point in you having a really good product if it's unusable in practice.

asked 09 Sep 2023 at 05:12 PM

Mark Worledge
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Hi Mark,

  • First, ensure that amp is in a pairing mode by pressing REV + POWER, the blue light should be blinking on EXIT/STORE button.
  • Make sure there are no other devices (other phones, tablets, computer) that are trying to connect to CODE amp. Only one device can be connected at the same time.
  • Re-enable Bluetooth  (disable Bluetooth, then enable Bluetooth again)  and then press "Pair new device".
  • If Android phone still can't find the CODE amp, then try restating the phone, this should clear the Bluetooth stack on the phone (it shouldn't clear any paired devices, but it should "unglitch" the Bluetooth on the phone).

Once the phone is paired and connected to CODE, then launch Gateway. It should connect automatically, if not then connect manually.


The dropping connection can happen when Gateway is paused/suspended/goes to background. This is a battery save mode. Once Gateway is resumed it should automatically reconnect. We will add in the future a checkbox that will allow users to disable this battery save mode



Marshall Support

answered 11 Sep 2023 at 10:25 AM

Thank you very much for your prompt and helpful answer. I am delighted to say I have now been able to re-pair from my phone to the CODE head (and then connect to and control the head from Gateway). The step I had been missing was the need to re-enable Bluetooth on my phone by disabling and then re-enabling it: adding that step into the procedure resulted in my phone finding the amp straight away. Thank you again, Mark. - Mark Worledge 15 Sep 2023 at 09:01 AM
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