1. Buzzing when holding down long (fading) chord on most presets 2. Weak volume



I took delivery of a Code50 last Friday, and already I have noticed a major flaw. I have updated the firmware, and it didn't solve the problem.

1. On many of the presets, there is what sounds to me like a slight buzz or a distorted sound as the chord is being held after about 4 or maybe 5 seconds. Obviously, this isn't going to be good when recording.

For example, I have been using many of the clean sounds, such as, American Clean (preset 32). This is a prime example of the unwanted buzz as the chord fades (only 4 or 5 seconds). There are so many more presets that also have this problem.

The issue occurs through both the Code50 built-in speaker and my Beyer Dynamic DT100 headphones. Using headphones proves that it is not the internal speaker at fault.

I can email a sound byte if you need one.

The last thing I want to do is re-box the amp and return it for a replacement only to have the same issue happen with the next unit. So, please can you let me know if this is a widely known fault because, if it is, I will unfortunately have to send it back for a full refund.

2. A second issue worth noting here is that the clean sounds are not very loud. When wearing headphones, I have to increase both volumes to 10, but I can still hear the strumming of the actual guitar with my plectrum coming through the headphones. The volume on the clean sounds are too weak and definitely not loud enough when also playing through the Code50 speaker, not just the headphones. Conversely, the distorted rock sounds are really loud when the volume is set to a low level, but the clean sounds couldn't be more opposite.

It will be a shame if I return the unit because I love the app and the ability to back up presets and also search for new ones.

Many thanks 

asked 17 Nov 2020 at 07:50 PM

R Cross
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Thank you for you comments, we are sorry you seem to be having issues, regarding the feedback you get when allowing the string to ring out you will just need to adjust the noise gate, this will allow you to ajust how much signal comes through when letting the guitar ring out, this is not a fault the amps are designed like a valve amplifier and act in a similar way

We have not heard of a low volume issue on the clean sounds, can you confirm you have the preset volume up high, as well as the master, each preset will need to be adjusted to a level you would like.

I would recommend the amp is looked at if you believe there to be a fault, if you could send a video out the clean volume to servicedesk@marshall.com , that would be helpful.


Marshall Support

answered 18 Nov 2020 at 09:17 AM




I am also having same problem with distorted sound as chord or notes fade 4-5 second.  Sounds staticky and crunchy.  Not good when using clean tones.  When I turn off amp, then it doesn't happen, but  loose a lot of volume...  I have also raised and lowered noice gate, but to no avail.

Any help or info would be great.  


answered 10 Dec 2020 at 11:43 PM

Deb Aldred (1)
Since my original post, I have received a replacement amp, but it has the same fault. I am convinced that it’s a factory fault, and one which needs addressing because they came out on the market 3 or 4 years ago.

I spoke to the company I bought it from, who shall remain nameless for now, but upon re-contacting them regarding the second amp’s issue, I have experienced a little resistance. They asked me to use a different wall socket and also a different jack-to-jack cable, fair advice, but I had already done that. I even used my wireless system which gave the same results.

I am a little angry with my supplier because they haven’t completely read or understood my issue even though I have supplied videos showing examples of the unwanted buzzing. If they had known that it doesn’t happen on all presets, then they wouldn’t have advised different wall sockets and cables; an electrical surge or poor cable would show a fault on all sounds and not just some of them.

So, I asked them to perform a test on their shopfloor to see if they are able to replicate the issue and / or to contact Marshall, but that’s when I started to receive resistance, and also when I got my back up. They offered yet another replacement or to select another product, but not a mention of a return and full refund. I replied and told them of my consumer rights, but ideally I would like a Code 50 that works. I am not interested in another amp because there isn’t a similar product on the market which has an app and a sharing / backup website.

Is it really that hard to ask colleagues to check if another Code 50, that they have in stock, does or doesn’t make a buzzing sound when a sound fades? My take on this is that Marshall and my supplier both know about this issue because they’ve been selling these amps for a long time and therefore have already experienced the buzzing issue with too many people.

I can’t believe Marshall’s reply, above, was to use a noise gate. What the hell? No, I don’t wish to cut off the sound too soon; I want to let it fade when I want to let it fade, and not to do so just to save their embarrassment! Talk about an unprofessional brush-off. Also, I even sent videos directly to Marshall using the email they had supplied, but guess what... they never replied. Hmmm, what does that tell you?

The first Code 50 that I bought was B-Stock (pre-owned, returned or shopfloor) so maybe that was returned by someone who also has a good ear, like myself. The replacement product I was told was brand new, but the Marshall box had been re-taped and there were fingerprints on the control board. Was this also B-Stock which was also returned due to the buzzing? I paid them extra money for the second amp, too!

Let’s see what transpires, but I will make a video and upload it onto Twitter and YouTube to get feedback from other users. If it’s a well known fault, the negative publicity will hopefully spur the manufacturers into fixing the issue. And if it’s a known fault, then I’m going to get really angry with both companies for lying to me and hoodwinking their way out of this. I won’t let them. For now, I will attempt to return my blood pressure to normal...

It’s a brilliant product, and that’s why I am taking so much time trying to get what I want, need and paid for. It will be of no use to me when I record, and that is what I have planned for this Winter; for me, it’s when I do all my recordings, and so I had planned everything ahead of time. Or so I thought...
- R Cross 11 Dec 2020 at 03:00 AM
I have a similar problem on my code50, i get a buzzing at the end of chords/ notes played as it fades out, i have spoken with tech support and sent them recording but they say it sounds like the amp has lots of gain and thats what is producing the noise but the Code is straight out of the box just using the presets un changed. i have had this for several months and to be honest i have got fed up with the dirty sound and have gone back to using my old Blackstar in preference. It is beginning to look like some CODE50's have a problem - Stuart Osborne 20 Dec 2020 at 04:20 PM


I'm a new user of the code 25. Some of the sounds are a little buzzy as they decay, especially the lower notes. I think this partucular buzzing is just the limit of the technology that you get on a pretty inexpensive practice amp. Try switching of the preamp, power amp and cab (all the modelling) and see if it goes away. You'll then know that its just the way it works. I've had other cheap modelling amps (Fender mustangs and LT's) that are exactly the same.

However I agree that the noise gate is very buzzy as the sound start to decay. It's more noticable on the clean tones. I suggest you switch it to zero if you can stand the small amount of background hiss this will give you.


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Joliet Jake (100)

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Joliet Jake (100)
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